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changed . mov to ,jpg/ ,jpg worked but other problem developed (1 post)

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  • Started 21 years ago by Bev Gerrard
  • Bev Gerrard Member

    Hi Jim
    Thank you for your advice. Using the .jpg extention did work. But it enhanced another problem I was going to ask you about after I resolved the .mov problem. I have a problem with (.jpg sliced images) not viewing. Back to the .mov thing, I have already uploaded this same web site to another server and all files are working. So I know they can all work. For consistancy sake I would like to attempt to keep the .mov file, if you can help me find a way to do that. I would like to know if there is a way to do this using my present 3.0 fetch software because, I dont have the money right now to pay for the cost of downloading the new
    4.0.2 fetch software and I need to get this site up and running soon. If you would like to view my site on another server hear is the URL:
    As to the (.jpg slices-images not viewing) all the .jpg images are in fetch in there image folders. All the html files are there also, and they are all properly linked. But they wont view? The same exact files did not do this when transfered from fetch to the web browser on another server. So I am confussed! I tried taking the files out and reloading them but, that did not work. There is this one image(slice.jpg) and only half the image is viewing and the other half does not. Please help, I need some direction, a clue, anything. Hear is the URL so you can look for your self . All examples are on the web.html page in the site. Check the annual report link and the ezine link. The ezine site(maui.html page) has the image that is only half showing.

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