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Fetch and Security

Fetch 5.8 includes a number of features aimed at improving your ability to protect the privacy of your data.


The SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and FTP with TLS/SSL are two increasingly popular methods for transferring files without sending passwords "in the clear" (where an attacker could possibly intercept them). Fetch 5.8 includes full support for both SFTP and FTP with TLS/SSL, so users can transfer files from public wireless hotspots and other public locations without worry. You can have Fetch warn you the first time you connect to an SFTP server, and Fetch always verifies SSL certificates when connecting to FTPS servers, to guard against an imposter posing as a trusted server.

Fetch supports the two most common kinds of FTP with TLS/SSL: AUTH TLS, also known as FTPES or Explicit SSL; and SSL connect, also known as Implicit SSL.

Fetch 5.8 is compatible with the SFTP server built into Mac OS X; to enable Mac OS X’s SFTP server check the "Remote Login" box in the Sharing Panel of Mac OS X System Preferences.

Proxy Servers

Many users in business and government are behind firewalls and proxy servers, which can restrict their ability to transfer files to outside servers. Fetch features support for eleven different kinds of proxy servers, as well as support for SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 gateways (including Microsoft Proxy 2.0 for Windows NT and Windows 2000). The Automatic Passive Mode feature makes file transfers through firewalls more reliable.


Fetch supports the Mac OS X Keychain, for secure storage of frequently used passwords.

One-Time Passwords

S/Key and OTP are two systems for keeping passwords private by sending a different password (computed from the actual secret password) each time. Fetch can perform this computation automatically, offering greater security with no loss of convenience.

Challenge-Response Systems

Some security systems offer a challenge that must be entered into a special calculator in order to produce the correct response. Fetch allows users to enter the special password "***CHALLENGE***" and be prompted at the appropriate time for the computed response.