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  • Farewell to Roadshow by Jim Matthews

    Three years ago, way back in June, 2011, we were proud to introduce our first iOS product, Roadshow. Today, I removed Roadshow from the App Store.

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  • Roadshow 1.0.1 by Jim Matthews

    We’ve fixed a bunch of the bugs that you reported since the release of Roadshow 1.0 last month, and those fixes are now available in Roadshow 1.0.1.

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  • Roadshow: offline web video for the iPad by Jim Matthews

    Fetch Softworks today introduces Roadshow, a simple new way for iPad users to collect web videos to watch later, even without an Internet connection.

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  • Watch This Space by Jim Matthews

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    If you have an iPad, and enjoy web videos, please check back on June 21, 2011. We’ll have exciting news to share about a new product from Fetch Softworks.

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