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The Copy Fetch Address command copies to the clipboard Fetch addresses (FTP URLs) referring to the files or folders selected in the transfer window.

This command is available as:

When no files or folders are selected, the Copy Fetch Address command copies an FTP URL to the current folder displayed in the transfer window, instead of any of the items in it.

Copy Fetch Address is only directly available when you haven't set up WebView for the server you are connected to. Otherwise, the default Copy command will be Copy Web Address. You can access the Copy Fetch Address command instead by holding down the Option key when choosing Copy Web Address.

You can use the Copy and Paste commands to upload files and folders in Fetch, or to copy files and folders from one folder to another on the same server, or from one server to another. See the uploading using copy and paste or copying files using copy and paste help topics for more information.

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