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Select a command title for more information about that command, if available.

Undoes the last action. Most actions in Fetch cannot be undone, especially file transfer actions such as deleting, downloading, or uploading files. Not available when the last action cannot be undone.
Redoes the last action that was undone, if possible. Most actions in Fetch cannot be redone.
Cuts text or shortcuts to the clipboard.
Copy / Copy Fetch Address / Copy Web Address / Copy With Fetch Address
Copies text, shortcuts, or URLs of items.
Pastes text, Fetch and web address (URLs), shortcuts, or items to upload from the clipboard.
Deletes shortcuts from shortcut list windows, removes entries from the Resume Download window, or deletes text in edit fields.
Select All
Selects all the text in a window or field, all the files in a file list, or all the shortcuts in a shortcut list window.
Special Characters
Displays the Mac OS character palette, where you can browse characters that may not be easily entered using the keyboard and insert them into text (such as a shortcut name).