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The Paste command lets you paste text; paste Fetch addresses (URLs) into the New Connection dialog; paste shortcuts that you previously cut or copied into shortcut list windows; or paste files for uploading or copying to a new location.

This command is available as:

You can use the Paste command to paste text in any place where you can edit text.

You can paste Fetch addresses (FTP URLs) you previously copied anywhere Fetch addresses are accepted, such as the New Connection dialog, the Get prompt, or the Go to Folder prompt.

You can also paste a Fetch address (URL) into a shortcut list window or into the New Shortcut dialog to create a shortcut.

If you've set up WebView for a server, you can also paste web addresses (HTTP URLs) for that server in the New Connection dialog, the New Shortcut dialog, or shortcut list windows.

In shortcut list windows, you can paste shortcuts you previously cut or copied.

You can use the Copy and Paste commands to upload files and folders in Fetch, or to copy files and folders from one folder to another on the same server, or from one server to another. See the uploading using copy and paste or copying files using copy and paste help topics for more information.

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