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The Duplicate command either duplicates files on a server, or duplicates a shortcut in Fetch Shortcuts or another shortcut list window.

This command is available as:

When one or more files are selected in a file list, the Duplicate command lets you duplicate them. It does this by using a server-to-server transfer. Fetch opens a second connection and transfer window to the server, and transfers the file from the server to itself, resulting in a new copy of the file. The name for the new file is chosen by the server, so while it should be a variant of the original filename (such as "myfile.1" for a duplicate of "myfile"), some servers will assign a meaningless name.

When a shortcut is selected in Fetch Shortcuts or another shortcut list window, the Duplicate command makes a copy of that shortcut in the same window. You can then edit the new shortcut to make any changes. This is handy if you want to make a set of very similar shortcuts.

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