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The Fetch Shortcuts window lists the shortcuts you've created to frequently accessed files, folders, and servers.

To open the Fetch Shortcuts window, choose Shortcuts > Show Shortcuts .

Double-click on a shortcut to open the remote folder or download the file it refers to.

The shortcuts in the Fetch Shortcuts window also appear in the Shortcuts pop-up menu in the New Connection dialog, at the bottom of the Shortcuts menu, and in the Shortcuts submenu of the Fetch Dock icon's menu. You can close the Fetch Shortcuts window and just use the Shortcuts menus instead.

The easiest ways to add a new shortcut to Fetch Shortcuts are to drag a file or folder from a transfer window to it, or to choose Make Shortcut from the Shortcuts pop-up menu in the New Connection dialog after filling in the fields of that dialog. For more information and detailed steps, see the creating a shortcut help topic.

To delete a shortcut, select it and press the Delete key, or drag it to the Mac OS Trash. For more information, see the deleting or changing a shortcut help topic.

The Fetch Shortcuts window is a special shortcut list window that is automatically saved and automatically reopened when you start Fetch. For more information about working with the Fetch Shortcuts window, see the shortcut list windows help topic. Also see the shortcuts topic for more general information about shortcuts.