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A shortcut list window collects a group of shortcuts in a single window. This list of shortcuts can be saved and opened again later.

The Fetch Shortcuts window, which Fetch saves and opens automatically, is a shortcut list window. Other shortcut list windows are not saved or reopened automatically, and their shortcuts do not appear in the New Connection dialog or the Shortcuts menu. If you expect to use a shortcut often, you should add it to the Fetch Shortcuts window, not a separate shortcut list window.

To create a shortcut list window, choose Shortcuts > New Shortcut List .

To open a shortcut in a shortcut list window, double-click it, or select it and press Command-Down arrow. This will either open the remote folder or start downloading the file it refers to. You can also drag a shortcut to a Finder window or the desktop to start a download.

Uploads can be started by dragging files or folders to a shortcut for the destination. Fetch will automatically open a connection to the location referenced by the shortcut and start the upload.

The most common ways to add shortcuts to a shortcut list window are either the Shortcuts > New Shortcut command, or by dragging files or folders from a transfer window into a shortcut list window. See the in-depth help topic for more ways to add shortcuts.

To remove a shortcut from a shortcut list window, select the shortcut and then choose Edit > Delete, press the Delete key, or drag the shortcut to the Mac OS Trash icon.

You can sort the shortcuts by clicking any column heading; click the column heading a second time to reverse the sort order.

The entire shortcut list can be saved as a shortcut list document for future use with File > Save or File > Save As, and reopened with File > Open .

To edit a shortcut in a shortcut list window, open the shortcut list window, select the shortcut, and choose Shortcuts > Edit Shortcut .

For more information about working with shortcut list windows, see the shortcut list windows in-depth help topic. Also see the shortcuts topic for more general information about shortcuts.