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Shortcut list documents are lists of shortcuts that you can save and use to recreate a shortcut list window in Fetch. If you have a set of shortcuts that you'd like to open again later, but want to keep them separate from the list of shortcuts in the Fetch Shortcuts window, you need to save them in a shortcut list document.

Unlike shortcut documents, shortcut list documents do not download files or open folders when you open them. They store a catalog of shortcuts that you can add to, edit, and remove from later on. Once you've opened the shortcut list document, you can use the shortcuts in it to download files, open folders, or open connections.

Shortcut list windows are just like the Fetch Shortcuts window, except they are not automatically saved or automatically reopened. You must save a shortcut list window as a shortcut list document if you want to use it again after you quit Fetch.

To create a shortcut list document:

  1. Create a new shortcut list window with Shortcuts > New Shortcut List.
  2. Add shortcuts to the shortcut list window.
  3. Choose File > Save.
  4. Enter a name and choose a location for the shortcut list document.

To open a shortcut list document, either double-click it in the Finder, or choose File > Open in Fetch and select the shortcut list document.

For more information on working with shortcuts or creating shortcuts, see the shortcuts and creating a shortcut help topics.

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