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The Save Shortcut command creates a shortcut document, a file that you can double-click in the Finder to download a file in Fetch.

This command is available as:

The Save Shortcut command is only available when a transfer window is active, and a file or multiple items are selected. Otherwise, when a folder or no files are selected, the Save Droplet Shortcut command will be available instead.

When a file is selected in the file list, Save Shortcut creates a shortcut document that refers to the selected item.

When multiple files and folders are selected, you can save a single shortcut document that refers to all of them. When you open that shortcut file, all the files will be downloaded and all the folders will be opened in Fetch. For more information, see the shortcut document help topic.

When a folder or no items are selected, you can use the Save Droplet Shortcut command to create a droplet shortcut. You can drag files to a droplet shortcut in the Finder or Dock to upload those files, or double-click it to open that folder in Fetch. For more information, see the droplet shortcut help topic.

To create a shortcut in the Fetch Shortcuts window or another shortcut list window, drag a file or folder from a transfer window to a shortcut list window, or use the New Shortcut command.

To save a shortcut list window, use the Save command.

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