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The New Shortcut command lets you create a new shortcut — a quick way to access a remote file, folder, or server without typing in connection information each time.

This command is available as:

The New Shortcut command displays the New Shortcut dialog, which contains text fields that you must fill out to create the shortcut. Depending on how you brought up the dialog, the fields may already be filled out for you; for instance, if you've selected a file in a file list and choose New Shortcut, information to create a shortcut to that file will be automatically put in the dialog.

If a single file or folder is selected when you choose the New Shortcut command, the information in the New Shortcut dialog will create a shortcut that refers to that item. If multiple files or folders are selected when you choose the command, the information in the New Shortcut dialog will refer to the folder containing those items instead.

Newly created shortcuts are always listed in the Fetch Shortcuts window, unless a different shortcut list window is the active window.

See the New Shortcut dialog help topic for more information about the dialog.

You can also create new shortcuts by dragging an item from a file list to the Fetch Shortcuts window or another shortcut list window, or with the Make Shortcut command in the New Connection dialog. See the creating a shortcut help topic for more information.

See the deleting or changing a shortcut help topic for information on how to remove or edit shortcuts after you've created them.

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