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New Connection
Opens the New Connection dialog, where you can enter information to open a connection to a server.
Recent Connections
Provides quick access to servers that you've recently visited.
Prompts you to open previously saved shortcut documents, shortcut list documents, or mirror documents.
Close / Close All
Closes the active window, or all windows when the Option key is pressed.
Save lets you save changes to a shortcut list window.
Save As / Save a Copy As
Save As saves a shortcut list window to a new shortcut list document.
Save a Copy As saves the contents of a text window or media window to a local disk, or lets you save a copy of the Fetch Shortcuts window.
Save Droplet Shortcut / Save Shortcut
Save Droplet Shortcut creates a droplet shortcut that you can drag and drop files to in the Finder to upload those files.
Save Shortcut creates a shortcut document that refers to an item selected in the file list.
Page Setup
Shows the standard Page Setup dialog so you can set the paper size, orientation, and scaling for printed documents.


Shows the standard Print dialog and lets you print the Fetch Transcript window or any text window or media window.