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The Recent Connections submenu provides quick access to servers and shortcuts that you've recently visited. Choose one of the listed servers or shortcuts to open a connection to it.

This command is available as:

  • The Recent Connections submenu in the File menu
  • The Recent Connections submenu in the Fetch Dock icon's menu

You can also open your recent connections in the New Connection dialog using the Recent Connections pop-up menu.

The Recent Connections items are in the form of either "shortcut name—folder" or "username@hostname—folder" if there is no shortcut for that hostname. When a shortcut name is displayed, or you connected as a guest to a server, the username will be omitted. If you last visited your home folder on the server, the folder name will be omitted. If you have connected to the same server via two different connection types, the connection type will be listed in parentheses after the hostname.

When you choose an item from this menu, you will be taken to the folder you most recently visited on the server, as indicated by the folder name listed in the menu item.

If you hold down the Option key while choosing a recent connection item from this menu, instead of the connection being opened directly, the New Connection dialog will be displayed, filled out with the information for that recent connection item.

The last 10 connections you've made will be remembered. Choose Clear Menu from the submenu to empty the list of recent connections.

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