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Fetch supports transferring files and folders from one server to another.

To transfer a file or folder from one server to another, connect to both servers and drag the items from one file list to another. You can stop the transfer by choosing the Stop command from the View menu. It is also possible to synchronize two folders on two different servers using the Remote > Mirror command — see the Mirror help topic for more information.

Normally Fetch does a server-to-server transfer by transferring the data from one server to your Macintosh, and then immediately from your Macintosh to another server. If the servers in question support it, and encryption is not being used, the transfer can take place directly between the two servers (known as FXP). This can offer dramatic performance advantages if the connection between the two servers is much faster than your connection to one or the other of them, but unfortunately it can be less reliable and not all servers support it. You can tell Fetch to try direct transfers by checking the Use direct server-to-server transfers preference in the Obscure Preferences pane.

The Duplicate command in the file list contextual menu is a special case of a server-to-server transfers, where Fetch opens a second connection to a server and transfers the file from the server to itself.

It's also possible to make a new copy of a file in one folder by Option-dragging the file to a folder icon in the file list. The copy cursor indicates that the file will be copied rather than simply moved. Like the Duplicate command, this will open a second connection and transfer window to the server.

You can also use the Copy and Paste commands to copy files and folders from one folder to another on the same server, or from one server to another. See the copying files using copy and paste help topic for more information.