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You can use Fetch's transfer window to move files and folders from one folder to another folder on your server.

To move files or folders to a subfolder of the current folder, select the items and drag them to the subfolder's icon. For example, if you have FolderOne and FolderTwo, drag FolderOne onto FolderTwo to move it into FolderTwo.

If your list of files is long enough that you can't see the files you want to move and the subfolder you want to put them in at the same time, the transfer window will scroll as you drag the items up or down.

To move items up a level, that is, into the parent folder of the current folder, drag them to the Parent button in the toolbar. Fetch 5 does not display the Parent button by default, you must first use View > Customize Toolbar to add it to the toolbar if it is not already displayed.

To move items to a different folder that is not a subfolder or a parent folder of the current folder, you should open another transfer window. To do this:

  1. Control-click in the transfer window and choose Clone Window from the contextual pop-up menu. This will create a second transfer window that is connected to the same server and folder as the original transfer window.
  2. Navigate to the folder you want to move files to in the new window.
  3. Drag items from the old window to the new window to move them.

You can also open a folder into a new transfer window by Command-double-clicking on the folder.

If you want to copy items instead of moving them, hold down the Option key while dragging them. The cursor will change to an arrow with a plus symbol , indicating that the files will be copied instead of moved.

You can copy items between two servers by opening connections to both servers, and then dragging the items from one transfer window to the other.

Another way to copy files and folders from one folder to another on the same server, or from one server to another, is to use the Copy and Paste commands. See the copying files using copy and paste help topic for more information.