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What is Fetch?
Introductory Fetch Tutorial
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Tutorial: Connecting
What do I enter in the hostname, username, and password fields?
Making Fetch start with information for your server or website
Making secure connections
Solving problems with connecting
Tutorial: Putting (uploading) a file
Resuming an interrupted upload
Creating a droplet shortcut
Uploading pictures for eBay
Uploading files for specific people
Uploading using copy and paste
Why is uploading slower than downloading?
Tutorial: Getting (downloading) a file
Resuming an interrupted download
Changing the application a file opens with
Opening files automatically after downloading
Decoding files automatically
Webpages & iWeb
Tutorial: Uploading webpages
Using Fetch with iWeb
Setting up WebView
Solving problems with websites and iWeb
Shortcuts (bookmarks)
Creating a shortcut
Deleting or changing a shortcut
Creating a droplet shortcut
Syncing shortcuts using Dropbox
Moving shortcuts to another Macintosh
Backing up your shortcuts
Mirroring (synchronizing)
Mirroring a local folder to a remote folder
About the Mirror window
Editing a file
Changing the editor for a file
Editing files automatically instead of downloading
Fixing problems choosing editors and helper applications
Moving or copying files
Moving files and folders
Copying files using copy and paste
Renaming files
Renaming files and folders
Changing folders
Tutorial: Finding Files and Folders
Changing folders
Viewing and setting permissions
Creating a droplet shortcut
Decoding files automatically
Automating & Scripting
Scheduling automatic transfers with iCal
Introduction to using Automator with Fetch
More examples of using Automator with Fetch
Setting up a watch folder
Scripting Fetch
Tips & Tricks
Time-saving ways to use Fetch
Tips & tricks
Troubleshooting FAQs
Getting Support
Sending a transcript to Fetch Softworks
Advanced topics
Allowing Fetch to work with the Mac OS X firewall
Converting line endings when uploading with SFTP
Displaying VMS version numbers in file lists
Fixing problems choosing editors and helper applications
Moving keychains and passwords to another Macintosh
Using SSH public/private keys or ssh-agent with Fetch