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Fetch supports secure connections that will protect the privacy of your password and your data by encrypting them as they're sent over the network. Generally you should use secure connections if they are available (not all servers support secure connections).

To open a secure connection:

  1. Choose File > New Connection .
  2. Enter the hostname for the server and your username.
  3. From the Connect using pop-up menu, choose SFTP or FTP with TLS/SSL, depending on which your server supports.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click Connect to open the connection.

If you receive an error when making the connection, the server you are trying to connect to may not support SFTP or FTP with TLS/SSL connections. Consult your network administrator or service provider.

You can also create shortcuts that use secure connections by choosing SFTP or FTP with TLS/SSL as the connection type when creating the shortcut.

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