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While Fetch tries to detect stalls and network or server errors and automatically resume uploads for you, if you accidentally stop the upload of a large file before it completes (for example by quitting Fetch), it is sometimes possible to save time by resuming the upload of the file without re-uploading the part already on the server.

You can only manually resume uploads for binary files that are not encoded when they're uploaded — usually these are graphic files (such as JPEG or TIFF), PDF files, sound files (such as AIFF or MP3), or movie (QuickTime) files. You generally cannot resume the upload of text files. When you cannot resume the upload of a file, the resume upload option in the Put dialog will be disabled.

To resume the upload of a file:

  1. Open a connection to the server where the partial file is.
  2. In the transfer window, navigate to the remote folder where the partial file is, if necessary.
  3. Choose Remote > Put to open the Put dialog.
  4. In the Put dialog, navigate to the local folder containing the file you want to resume uploading, and select the file.
  5. From the If a file already exists pop-up menu, choose Resume upload of file.
  6. Click the Put button.
  7. The upload will start from where it left off.

Unlike the Resume Download feature, Fetch does not keep track of interrupted uploads and does not present a list of them to you.

Note that Fetch makes no comparisons to make sure the file you are uploading is the same as the file on the server. As long as the names are the same and the local file is longer than the one on the server, Fetch will add the end of the local file to the end of the existing remote file. You should be sure the two files are the same before using this feature, otherwise you may end up with a file made up of parts of two different files. If the new file is shorter than the existing file, you will get an error.

You can resume uploads for any file uploaded in Binary (Raw Data) format, or in Automatic format where Automatic chooses Binary (Raw Data). This means you cannot resume the upload of text files, unless you were uploading them as Binary (Raw Data), nor can you resume the upload of files uploaded in BinHex, MacBinary, or AppleSingle.

Not all servers support resuming uploads. If your server does not, you will receive an error.

If you were uploading more than one file or a folder when the upload stopped, the manual resume upload feature can only finish uploading the file that was being transferred at the time — Fetch does not remember the list of files it was going to upload, but hadn't gotten to yet. You will have to upload any other un-uploaded files again manually. (However, Fetch's automatic resume upload feature does work to finish uploads of folders or multiple files.)

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