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When you use the Edit command to make changes to a file, Fetch decides which editor application to use based on the file's extension — the part of the filename at the end after a period, such as ".txt" or ".jpg" . Usually the default editor for a kind of file is the same as the application that would normally open that kind of file, although in certain cases the editor may be different (for instance, when the usual application cannot make edits to files).

To change the editor for a kind of file, use the Transfer Options pane of the info window:

  1. Connect to your server, and find a file with the extension whose editor you want to change. You may need to upload an example file if you do not know where one is located.
  2. Select the file.
  3. Click the Get Info button, or choose Remote > Get Info .
  4. Click the disclosure triangle next to the Transfer Options label at the bottom of the info window to display the Transfer Options pane, if it's not already displayed.
  5. Click the pop-up menu labeled Edit files like this with.
  6. Choose an application from the menu, or if the desired application is not listed, choose the Other item and select the desired application.

From now on, any time you edit a file with the same extension as the one whose transfer options you just changed, the newly selected editor will be used.

Note that changing the editor only affects which application will be used by Fetch's Edit command. It does not change which application will be used to open a file after you download it; for information on how to do that, see the changing the application a file opens with help topic.

You can also change the editor for a file by holding down the Option key when choosing the Edit menu item or clicking the Edit button, then choosing a new application and checking the Remember this editor choice checkbox.

The Transfer Options pane of the info window can also be used to tell Fetch to automatically edit files instead of downloading them or to open certain kinds of files automatically after they've been downloaded. See the Transfer Options help topic for more information.

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