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The Get Info command displays an info window, which shows detailed information about remote files or folders.

This command is available as:

To display an info window, select an item (or items) in a file list and choose Remote > Get Info.

The info window displays information about the name, kind, size, modification date, location, ownership and permissions, and transfer options of the selected item or items. You can rename items, set permissions, and change the transfer options using the info window.

You can use Get Info to find out how much space your files are taking up on your server, or how close you are to your server storage limit. When you select a set of files and folders, choose Get Info, and click the Calculate button, Fetch calculates the disk space taken up not only by those items, but by the items inside the folders too. Either select all the files and folders in a remote folder, or select the parent folder of the items in question, choose Get Info and click Calculate. The combined size of all items will be displayed in the info window. For many items, or folders with a large number of items inside them, this may take a while.

See the info window topic for more information.

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