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Get / Get As / Get Other / Get Other As
Downloads single or multiple files or folders from a server to your Macintosh.
Lets you choose which mode (text, binary, or automatic) to use when getting or downloading files from a server.
Resume Download
Lets you manually resume partially completed downloads.
Uploads single or multiple files or folders from your Macintosh to a server.
Lets you choose which format to use when putting or uploading files to a server.
New Folder
Makes a new folder on the server.
Automatically copies all the new or changed files from a Macintosh folder to a server folder, or vice versa.
Quick Look / Close Quick Look
Lets you display files on a server without leaving Fetch. Many different kind of files can be displayed, including text files, images, sounds, movies, PDFs, and Microsoft Word and Excel files.
View as Text
Lets you view any file on a server as plain text without leaving Fetch.
Edit / Edit With / Edit Other / Edit New Text File
Opens files for editing in an editor application. Changes will be saved back to the server automatically.
Edit With submenu
Lets you temporarily use a different editor for editing the selected files. Changes will be saved back to the server automatically.
Get Info
Displays a window containing detailed information about the selected remote files or folders, and lets you rename or set permissions on the items.
Displays the currently selected items in your web browser (or set up WebView for the current server, if necessary).
Delete Item / Delete Other Item
Deletes files and folders on a server.
View Verbose File List
Lets you view an extended file list for the current folder in a separate text window.
Send FTP Commands
Sends arbitrary FTP commands to an FTP server, with special support for searching (SITE INDEX) and setting upload permissions.
Enable Encryption / Disable Encryption
Turns encryption on or off during an FTP session that is using FTP with TLS/SSL security.