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The Delete Item command lets you delete files and folders on a server.

This command is available as:

To delete remote files or folders, select them in a file list and choose the Delete Item command, or click the Delete button in the toolbar. You can also delete remote items by selecting them and typing Command-Delete, or by dragging them to the Mac OS Trash icon.

You will be asked for confirmation before any items are deleted. Deleting remote items cannot be undone.

If you select multiple remote items and give confirmation, all the selected items will be deleted.

If you select a remote folder and choose this command, Fetch will delete the folder's contents before deleting the folder itself.

If you hold down the Shift key while choosing this command, the command changes to Delete Other Item and Fetch will prompt you for the name of a file or folder to delete, and then that item will be deleted. Delete Other Item is only available in the main menu when a transfer window is the active window.

You must have the necessary privileges to delete remote items. Otherwise, you will get an error message and the items will not be deleted.

To delete shortcuts, use the Delete command in the Edit menu instead.