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The Get As command is a special version of the Get command that prompts you to choose a folder on your Macintosh, and then downloads single or multiple files or folders from a server to that folder.

This command is available:

Normally the Get command downloads files to the folder specified by the Save downloaded files to preference in the Download Preferences pane. The Get As command lets you temporarily override that preference by allowing you choose a different folder.

You must select the files or folders you want to download in the file list before choosing the Get As command. Multiple items can be selected by holding down the Shift or Command keys while clicking the names.

If you hold down the Shift key in addition to the Option key while choosing this command, it changes to Get Other As, and Fetch will prompt you for both the name of a file or folder to download, and the folder on your Macintosh to download it to. This can be useful if the item you want to download is in a different folder.

If you want to be prompted to choose a folder on your Macintosh in which to save downloaded files and folders every time you use the Get command, set the Save downloaded files to preference in the Download Preferences pane to Ask every time. Then you do not need to hold down the Option key every time.

You can also choose the folder to which files are downloaded by dragging the selected items to any folder or disk on the Macintosh desktop (or to the desktop itself).

For more information, see the Get command help topic.