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The Quick Look command lets you display files on a server without leaving Fetch. Many different kind of files can be displayed, including text files, images, sounds, movies, PDFs, and Microsoft Word and Excel files.

This command is available:

Select a file in a file list, then choose Quick Look. Fetch will download the file and display it in a Quick Look window.

To close a Quick Look window, press the Space bar again, choose the Quick Look command again, or click in the window's close box.

Fetch's Quick Look command can display any file that the Finder's Quick Look command can display. (Note that not all features of Quick Look may be available when using Quick Look in Fetch on Mac OS X 10.5.)

If you double-click on a file in a Quick Look window, or click the Open With… button in the upper right corner of the Quick Look window, that file will open in the application that normally opens that kind of file. Any changes you make to the file after using that application will be saved back to the server, exactly as if you had used the Edit command.

Quick Look windows will float above all other Fetch windows until closed. You cannot open more than one Quick Look at a time. If you select a different file while the Quick Look window is open, Fetch will download that file and display it in the Quick Look window instead.

If you want to view a file as plain text — either because Quick Look is displaying the file as formatted text, or because Quick Look does not recognize the file as a text file — use the View as Text command instead.

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