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The Edit Other command is a special version of the Edit command that prompts you for the name of an existing file to edit.

The Edit Other command is available:

Normally the Edit command operates on the selected files in the file list. But when you hold down the Shift key while choosing Edit, the command becomes Edit Other and you can enter the name or path of an existing file on the server to edit.

When you choose Edit Other, Fetch prompts you for the name of a file on the server, and then opens that file in the editor for that kind of file (as specified in the Transfer Options pane of the info window). After you use the editor's Save command to save your changes, Fetch automatically uploads the changed file back to its original location on the server.

The file must already exist on the server; you cannot create new files with the Edit Other command. You can create new text files on a server by using the Edit New Text File command.

If the editor for the kind of file whose name you've entered is not available, or if Fetch cannot determine what kind of file it is, Fetch will ask you which editor you want to use.

See the Edit command help topic for more information about editing and other variations of the Edit command.