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The Edit New Text File command is a special version of the Edit command that lets you create and edit a new text file on a server.

The Edit New Text File command is available:

  • In place of the Edit command in the Remote menu when a transfer window is the active window and no files are selected
  • When you click the Edit button in the transfer window toolbar and no files are selected

Normally the Edit command operates on the selected files in the file list. But when no files are selected, you can instead create a new text file with the Edit New Text File command.

When you choose Edit New Text File, Fetch prompts you for a filename, and then opens a new document in the most appropriate text editor for that kind of file. The editor that opens depends on the extension of the filename you entered; different kinds of text files may have different editors. After you use the editor's Save command to save your changes, Fetch automatically uploads the new text file to the server.

Note that only text files can be created this way. Even if the filename you enter has an extension for another kind of file, Fetch will open a text editor instead.

See the Edit command help topic for more information about editing and other variations of the Edit command.