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The WebView command displays the currently selected items in your web browser or prompts you to set up WebView for the current server, if necessary.

This command is available as:

WebView lets you set up a correspondence between files you are viewing in Fetch and the address of the webpage they are part of, so that you can easily review changes to your site in a web browser and copy the web address of those files. For more information about WebView, see the WebView help topic.

To use WebView, select an item in a Fetch file list, and click the WebView button in the toolbar or choose Remote > WebView.

If you have already set up WebView, a page corresponding to that item will open in your web browser. If you selected an HTML file representing a webpage, you will see the webpage, or if you selected an image file, you'll see the image. If you selected a folder, what you see in the web browser depends on how your server is configured; you may see the contents of the folder, you may see a webpage that's inside that folder (if that folder has its own index file), or you may get an error, because web browsers aren't allowed to see the contents of that folder directly.

If you have not already set up WebView for this folder or one of its parent folders, the WebView dialog will appear, requesting the web address of your server. Before you can use WebView, you must tell Fetch the web address of your server. (The information for some popular servers is built into Fetch, and if you are using one of them, WebView will work automatically; but in most cases Fetch needs your input.) For more information about what to enter in the dialog, see the WebView dialog help topic.

The WebView dialog will only appear the first time you choose WebView; once WebView is set up for that server, you do not need to enter this information again. The next time you choose WebView when connected to the same server, Fetch will show the selected files or folder in your web browser instead of the WebView dialog.

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