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The Edit With command is a special version of the Edit command that lets you specify a different editor for making changes the selected file.

This command is available:

Normally the Edit command edits files using the editor specified in the Transfer Options pane of the info window.

However, if you hold down the Option key while choosing Edit, the command becomes Edit With, and you can choose a different editor to use. This is useful if Fetch does not use the application you would like to use for editing a certain kind of file, or if you would like to use a different editor temporarily.

Select a file in a file list, hold down the Option key and then the choose Edit With menu item or click the Edit button in the toolbar. Fetch will ask which application you would like to edit the selected files with, and you can check the Remember this editor choice checkbox if you want Fetch to remember this choice for the future. Then Fetch will download the file and open it in the chosen editor.

You will also be asked to choose which editor to use for a file if Fetch could not determine what kind of file you asked it to edit, or if this kind of file does not have an editor specified for it.

You can also choose a different editor to use temporarily with the Edit With submenu in the Remote menu or the contextual menus.

See the Edit command help topic for more information about editing and other variations of the Edit command.