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When you are upgrading to a new Macintosh, or if you use multiple Macintosh computers, you may want the same Fetch shortcuts and their passwords on each computer.

If you are moving your files to a new computer, the Mac OS X Migration Assistant will move your Fetch shortcuts and passwords.

If you only want to move your Fetch information, moving your shortcuts is fairly straightforward. However, to provide the best security, Fetch stores its passwords separate from the shortcuts file; passwords are stored in the Mac OS X keychain. Unfortunately, this means when you move your shortcuts file from one Macintosh to another, all the information about your shortcuts except the passwords is moved; and moving keychains from one Macintosh to the other is not as straightforward as moving the shortcuts.

The simplest solution, especially if you just have a few passwords, is to re-enter your passwords on the new Macintosh (where they will be saved in that Macintosh's keychain). See the Fetch Password FAQ help topic for information about how to reveal a shortcut's password using the Keychain Access application.

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