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You can make Fetch automatically start up with the information for your favorite server, or the server containing your website, by setting up a default shortcut. A default shortcut will fill out the hostname and username fields every time the New Connection dialog is displayed, such as when you start Fetch.

To create a default shortcut:

  1. Choose File > New Connection, if the New Connection dialog isn't already showing.
  2. Enter the name of the server in the Hostname field.
  3. If your connection requires a username and password, enter them in the appropriate fields.
  4. If you want your password to be filled out automatically when you use this shortcut, check the Add to keychain checkbox.
  5. Click the Shortcuts pop-up menu, and choose Make Shortcut.
  6. Enter a name for the shortcut. This can be anything that makes it easy for you to identify the shortcut later on.
  7. Check the Make this the default shortcut checkbox.
  8. Click the OK button.
  9. Click Connect to connect and create the shortcut.

If you're not sure what information to enter in the New Connection dialog, see the What do I enter in the hostname, username, and password fields? help topic.

For more information about the fields and options in the New Connection dialog, see the New Connection dialog in-depth help topic.

If you want to make an existing shortcut the default, or change the default shortcut after you've created one, use the Default shortcut pop-up menu in the General Preferences pane.

If you would like Fetch to automatically connect to the server without needing to enter or confirm any information, you should create a droplet shortcut.

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