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The process of getting a file from an FTP or SFTP server is also known as downloading a file.

If you are not still connected to from the previous tutorial step, reconnect to it.

The current folder should be "example" (its complete path is "/example"). One of the files listed should be a JPEG image named "fetchlogo.jpg".

In order to transfer "fetchlogo.jpg" from to your Macintosh, select the file and click the Get button in the transfer window toolbar. Or you can double-click the file's name or icon, or select the file and press Command-Down arrow.

The file will be downloaded to the download folder specified in the Download Preferences pane. By default this is your Downloads folder. If you do not have a download folder set, you will be prompted to name the file and choose a location to save it; after you click Choose, the file will be saved to your disk, ready to be used.

You can also drag the file from the Fetch transfer window to a folder or hard disk on the Macintosh desktop (or to the Desktop itself).