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The Home command takes you to your home folder on a server — the folder that you would be taken to when you do not specify an initial folder or path when connecting.

This command is available as:

When you do not specify an initial folder or path when making a new connection in Fetch, a server will take you to the home folder for the username you used to connect to that server. For instance, on a web server, the home folder is often the folder where your webpages are stored.

The Home command provides a quick way to return your home folder after you have navigated to other folders.

A home folder may not be the same as the root folder on the server (the very top folder on the server that contains all the other folders), although the home folder may be the highest-level folder you can access because you may not have permission to any enclosing folders of the home folder.

See the changing folders help topic for other ways to move between folders.