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Double Line Spacing (3 posts)

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  • Started 23 years ago by Fee
  • Latest reply 23 years ago from Fee
  • Fee Member

    I use BBEdit to creat html files on Mac and Fetch to pull down or upload a large amount of files but files I create in BBEdit are always done as DOS single space lines yet everytime I pull down from server one or more files the line breaks change
    to double spaced and as Mac breaks. My BBEdits save prefs/options are set to creator as "generic text" state "none" and breaks as "dos" . any clues ? something obvious ?



    Posted 23 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    You might change your download mode to "Binary", since you don't need Fetch to translate line endings for you, and in fact it seems to be messing things up for you.

    Posted 23 years ago #

  • Fee Member

    Thanks Dude.

    That works for the line spacing issue.

    Posted 23 years ago #

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