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Errors in using downloaded files? (2 posts)

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  • Started 22 years ago by gfowler
  • Latest reply 22 years ago from Jim Matthews
  • gfowler Member


    Generally I like Fetch, and am currently trying 4.0b7. I used Fetch 3.0.3 for many years, never found another ftp client I liked as well. I'm an education user (Indiana University).

    Anyway, recently I have been suffering from a serious problem in Fetch. Here are the symptoms. I daresay this will be easy to fix.

    On my home computer, when I download files from my office Mac (running Rumpus 1.3.3 as its ftp server), I have trouble using them. For example, yesterday I wanted to download some Word 5.1a files my assistant had prepared, and upon opening them in Word, got a "file does not match file type; will open as text" error, and they opened without formatting and with lots of garbage control characters. The files were not open or anything like this, and downloading them with Interarchy 4.0 worked fine. I had her stuff them into a folder and I downloaded the stuff-it archive, but it wouldn't unstuff, triggering a "doesn't appear to be a valid archive" message from Stuff-It Expander/Deluxe 6.0.

    The same problem also occurred when downloading from a different Mac, so presumably it is not a server-side error.

    I installed 4.0b7 on my wife's iMac, and there when I download a file and try to use it, I get a -199 error. Not sure what that is!

    Both servers and clients are all running OS 9.1.

    My Fetch preferences seem to be normal, i.e., more or less defaults. Default download mode is Automatic, etc. Most prefs use the internet config control panel, which seems to be working okay (and other download clients and protocols are all working fine).

    Any ideas?

    George Fowler

    Posted 22 years ago #

  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Fetch 4.0b7 has a bug in its MacBinary decoding that will corrupt files you download from a MacBinary-supporting server like Rumpus. I would recommend going back to 4.0b6 (you can find it at or turning off MacBinary decoding and downloading in Binary mode (rather than Automatic).

    Sorry for the inconvenience,

    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 22 years ago #

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