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how to stop fetch from launching as start-up app (3 posts)

  • Started 16 years ago by km3rdi
  • Latest reply 16 years ago from km3rdi
  • km3rdi Member


    Maybe I'm trouble-shooting this wrong or maybe not...

    A day or 2 after I installed the 5.3 upgrade, from 5.0.5,
    I encounter (2) buggy things:

    1) at computer start-up, fetch auto-launches, and I see
    no way to disengaged it. I don't use it that often so,
    I don't need it to start as a default app.

    2) what also happens is, my screen display shifts approx
    1 pixel, as my mouse scrolls...weird.

    I'm on a mac g4 powerbook, osx - 10.4.11

    I thought by de-installing, and reverting back to fetch 5.0.5
    would set things back to norm but, it still launches at

    any clues?

    Posted 16 years ago #

  • Scott McGuire Administrator

    Hi Kim,

    Fetch does not set itself to launch on startup as part of the installation process, so I'm not sure how that happened, but this should fix it:

    * Go to the Apple menu, and choose System Preferences.
    * Click the Accounts icon.
    * Click the Login items tab.
    * Do you see Fetch listed in the list of "These items will open automatically when you log in"? If so, select it by clicking on it once.
    * Then click the minus (-) button beneath the list of applications to remove it.

    This should stop Fetch from opening when you start your Mac.

    Are you saying that your entire screen shifts 1 pixel to the left when you scroll your mouse, or just that a Fetch window does that? If it's your entire screen, I believe that is unrelated to Fetch - there is simply nothing Fetch does or installs that could cause that as far as I know. Unfortunately, I don't have a suggestion about where to look for the cause of that problem.

    Please let us know if the above does not stop Fetch from launching automatically at startup.


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 16 years ago #

  • km3rdi Member

    Thanks Scott, the account setting seems to work, the start-up launching stopped. I think you're right about the display bug...I'll investigate that with apple.

    Posted 16 years ago #


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