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  • Started 17 years ago by photographer
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  • photographer Member

    Hi, I've been sending folders of images to my photoagency via the FTP for the last month, and they have told me that half of my images sent are being received not rotated. I know for a fact that I saved them after I rotated them, it is clear that this is happening when the images are pulled up in Photoshop, FOTOSTATION and Aperture (3 programs for photos I have on my computer). Therefore I can only see that the problem is happening whilst they images are going over on the FTP, some of them somehow are being turned...this is causing no end of dramas at my agency. Is this possible? can the images be changed ie rotated whilst in transit on the FTP? HElp I can't seem to work this problem out.

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  • Scott McGuire Administrator


    Let me begin by apologizing if I'm already telling you things you already know here, but I want to cover all the bases.

    If the image's actual data has been re-written so that it is stored as a rotated picture, it would not be possible for it to become unrotated when transferred by FTP.

    However, it is possible when you save your images as rotated, instead of actually rotating the data, a tag is saved with the original data saying "this image should be displayed rotated." The data isn't actually changed.

    Two examples: if you open up a TIFF in Photoshop, rotate it, and resave it, the actual data has been changed. But when you "rotate" a picture on a digital camera, only a tag saying the photo should be rotated. Photoshop and iPhoto - and presumably Aperture - can recognize this tag, and display the image as rotated, even though the actual image data is still unrotated. However, some programs I have on my computer do not recognize the tag, and display the same image file unrotated.

    Anyway, if just a tag is being set, two things could be happening: (1) the program your photoagency uses to open the photos doesn't recognize the flag, and thus doesn't show the photos rotated; or (2) it is possible, although not so likely, the flag could be being stored in such a way that Fetch is not transferring it. Another possibility is somehow the unrotated version is getting exported when you don't expect it.

    The first thing I would check is: if you upload a rotated image, and download it again (or download one of the ones your agency has problems with), and open it on your computer, is it still rotated? If yes, this would suggest the problem is at the agency's end. If not, the problem may be with Fetch (and we can investigate further if that's the case and try to find a workaround for you).

    Also, if you can tell us exactly how you are rotating and saving the files, we might be able to help figure out where the problem lies.


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

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