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new to FTP iWeb image and file problems (2 posts)

  • Started 15 years ago by firemansgirl61
  • Latest reply 15 years ago from Scott McGuire
  • firemansgirl61 Member

    I'm a newborn to FTP, I'm still not even sure what it is. But I have to create a website for a school project and I'm having trouble uploading my website to my server. The site looks fine on iWeb, I have about 5 pages with hyperlinks to link navigate through the pages. I published my site to a folder on my desktop and Fetch is working but when I "Put" the folder into Fetch I get an error that some file named "feed.xml" can't be uploaded or wasn't recognized. I'm not even sure what this file is! I uploaded all the files and folders except this feed file and I can see most of my page in the web view but all my images and 1/3 of my text is still missing. And if I look up my website on Safari nothing is showing at all. Help???

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  • Scott McGuire Administrator


    The simplest explanation of FTP is that it is a way of transferring files over the Internet. FTP refers to the set of commands the file transfer client (Fetch) and the server use to communicate in order to get the files transferred.

    Let's start by addressing the problem of your pages not appearing at your website when you look at it in Safari; we can worry about the feed.xml file later.

    Since you can see them in WebView, it means that at least most of your pages uploaded successfully. However, it sounds like they are in the wrong place for you web server to find them when you type in your website's address.

    The most common cause of this problem is that for your website to work correctly once you upload it, after you publish your website to a folder, you need to upload the contents of the folder - but not the folder itself - to your server.

    For example, let's assume your website is called "Family Trip", and when you use "Publish to a Folder," you tell iWeb to put its files in a folder called "My New Website."

    Once iWeb is done, in the Finder you will see:

    My New Website (folder)
      Family Trip (folder)

    Inside the "Family Trip" folder will be folders and files corresponding to each page of your website.

    For your website to work correctly, you must be sure to upload both that index file, and the website folder - that is, upload the entire contents of the "My New Website" folder, but don't upload the "My New Website" folder itself.

    Do not rearrange or rename files before uploading, or your website will stop working.

    It may be best to delete the files that you've already uploaded to the server and start fresh before trying again.

    Here are the recommended steps to follow for uploading iWeb pages:

    1. Create a folder on your desktop with the name of your website (something like "My Website March 5").
    2. In iWeb, go to the File menu, and choose Publish to a Folder.
    3. You will be prompted to choose a folder to put your website files in. Choose the folder you created on your desktop.
    4. iWeb will export the files that make up your website.
    5. Open Fetch.
    6. Enter the information for your server into the New Connection dialog and click Connect.
    7. A new window listing the folder and files on your server appears. This is the Fetch transfer window.
    8. In the transfer window, open the folder where you want to put your website files. You can change to a different folder by double-clicking on its icon. (Note that on some servers you do not need to change to a different folder.)
    9. Open the website folder you created on your desktop. You will see an index.html and one or more folders.
    10. Select all of these and drag them to the transfer window of Fetch.
    11. Fetch will start uploading your files and folders. The dog cursor runs until Fetch has finished putting your files on to the server.
    12. Once Fetch has finished uploading, visit your website to make sure it looks correct.

    Hopefully this will get you on the right track. Let us know.


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

    Posted 15 years ago #


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