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Uploading file to FTP site painfully slow (2 posts)

  • Started 16 years ago by ab_ashley
  • Latest reply 16 years ago from Scott McGuire
  • ab_ashley Member

    I have been trying Fetch on my mac to post files on a FTP site for my work. We have a high speed connection but the transfer rates for the uploads are averaging 16.5kb per sec so a 12mb Quicktime movie is taking up to 12 min to upload. what the problem? What kind of transfer rates should I be expecting? I need a better solution

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  • Scott McGuire Administrator


    There are a couple of reasons why uploading may be slow.

    First, it's important to realize that for most Internet connections, it's normal for uploading files to be quite a bit slower than downloading files. This is because most high-speed Internet connections, including cable modems and DSL, are designed to provide much better speed for downloading than uploading.

    Since most users spend much more time downloading (which includes viewing web pages or multimedia files) than they do uploading, high speed Internet providers have designed their systems to give priority to downloading. So upload speeds can seem disappointing when compared to download speeds.

    What you should expect is hard to say without knowing what kind of Internet connection you have and what speeds it is designed to deliver; can you tell us more about your Internet connection?

    The lowest cost DSL connections, while advertised as high-speed, often only provide 128 kilobits per second upload; Fetch measures speeds in kilobytes, which are 8 times larger than kilobits. So a DSL connection rated for 128 kilobit uploads would result in 128/8 = 16 kilobytes per second uploads in Fetch - which is the speed you are seeing.

    Of course, I don't know if you have such a DSL connection - but if you do, the only solution would be to call your Internet provider and ask if they offer a plan with a faster upload speed. (DSL connections come in a variety of speeds.)

    If you have a cable Internet connection, you might expect to see somewhat higher upload speeds. It's possible that there is a problem with the particular server you're uploading to that is resulting in slow uploads to it, or possibly it's on a slow Internet connection itself, so the speed of your uploads are being limited by its Internet connection.

    There are websites that you can use to test your connection speed. Your Internet service provider may have one, or you can try one such as the speed test. If you are repeatedly getting transfer speeds much lower than the ones reported by a test, you should try transferring your files to a different server to see if they go faster.

    I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have further questions.


    Scott McGuire
    Fetch Softworks

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