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Where Do "Put Files" Land? (3 posts)

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  • guest Registered Member

    This is probably a very naive question but where in the world do "put files" go? I retreived a php file from my web host's server, changed its name (to save an original copy), and put it back to the server. Now I can't find hide nor hair of it on the server; although this particular server has an extensive directory structure and I may not have stumbled onto it yet. My fundamental question is: how do I tell Fetch where exactly in the server's file structure I want a file "put"??

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  • Jim Matthews Administrator

    Fetch will put a file into the server directory that is currently being displayed. The pop-up menu above the file list will show the name of that directory, and if you click on the menu you can see the full path to that directory.

    So to put a file in a particular directory you want to navigate to that directory (by double-clicking on directories in the file list, using the Change Directory... command, or choosing an item from the Directories menu) and then press the Put button.


    Jim Matthews
    Fetch Softworks

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  • guest Registered Member

    Thanks for responding so quickly (must be a full-time job and then some).

    It turns out the "automatic" format selection for uploading was giving the files weird names that I didn't recognize. Once I chose "text" for uploading, everything worked just right. Thanks again.

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