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Fetch 5.7 Delivers Greater Control Over File Transfers by Jim Matthews

Etna, NH — Fetch Softworks announces the latest release of Fetch, the original Mac file transfer app. With new features designed to provider great control over the user’s files, this release continues the Fetch tradition of steady, relentless improvement, giving users improved control over their file transfer tasks.

Fetch now offers users better control over files. A simple but very useful way Fetch does this is by preserving the modification dates of uploaded files, making it easier to tell when a file on a server matches the local copy. Further, Fetch’s new Find field enables users to zero in on just the files they are working with.

Fetch now also helps users better monitor the progress of file transfers. While previous versions of Fetch reported the transfer progress of each individual file, it now displays the progress of the overall transfer, making it easier to see when the entire operation will be complete.

Finally, Fetch now makes it easier to use Fetch on multiple computers without having to manually update shortcuts on each one. Fetch introduces support for syncing Fetch shortcuts using Dropbox, enabling individuals and groups to access an up-to-date collection of shortcuts no matter which Mac they use.

Fetch 5.7 is compatible with Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.5 or later, including Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and can be downloaded from or from the Mac App Store.

Fetch is free to try for 15 days, and a single-user license is $29. Upgrades are free for Fetch 5.5 and Fetch 5.6 users and customers who purchased Fetch after January 28, 2009; otherwise, upgrades are $10. Free licenses and upgrades are available for educational and charitable use.

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  • You can apply for a free license at

    Jim Matthews January 6, 2012
  • Never mind my previous request. I unistalled 3ivx and that solved the problem. Now I’m happily fetching once more.

    By the way, you may want to refresh the Fetch logo soon. Nobody uses floppies anymore.


    Roberto Lebron January 16, 2012
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