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Fetch 5.5 adds editing with any application, Quick Look, and rock-solid reliability by Jim Matthews

Etna, NH -- Fetch Softworks is delighted to announce Fetch 5.5, the new version of the original Macintosh file transfer program. Fetch 5.5’s improved editing support lets you edit any sort of remote file using any application.

You can also now use Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard's Quick Look technology to view many more kinds of remote files without leaving Fetch. Fetch's industry-leading file transfer engine has been upgraded to upload websites and other large collections of files with unprecedented reliability, completing users' vital tasks under conditions where other programs will stall or fail.

John Casey, head photographer at Casey Imaging and Fetch 5.5 beta tester, reports that “Our files must meet deadlines! The files can be big, and we can do without the frustration of FTP software stalling after three-quarters have been uploaded. Only Fetch allows us to be sure the files will get there each time, every time, on time.”

Fetch Softworks is simultaneously launching a completely new website at Created in collaboration with the acclaimed designers of Happy Cog Philadelphia and Joe Finocchiaro Design, the new site delivers easy navigation for an abundance of information and support options, along with a new company blog. Not to be left behind, the Fetch dog mascot has joined Twitter, posting helpful tips and answering questions at

Fetch 5.5 is a Universal binary, compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, including Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and can be downloaded from

Fetch 5.5 is free to try for 15 days, and a single-user license is $29. Upgrades are free for customers who purchased Fetch after January 28, 2009; otherwise, upgrades are $10. Free licenses and upgrades are available for educational and charitable use.

In other news:


  • There are two ways to change the default editor for a file type:

    1) Select a file of that type, click Get Info, and set the “Edit files like this with…” menu (under Transfer Options) to the editor of your choice.

    2) Select a file of that type, hold down Option, and click the Edit button. You will be asked what editor to use. Check the “Remember this editor choice” checkbox and click OK.

    Jim Matthews July 26, 2009
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