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Old dog, new tricks: Fetch 4.0 ships by Jim Matthews

Popular FTP Client Released for Mac OS X

Hanover, NH — Fetch Softworks today announces the release of Fetch 4.0, the newest version of the megapopular FTP client for the Macintosh. Version 4.0 offers users greater flexibility, security, and convenience with an updated and easy to use interface. It takes full advantage of the latest technologies found in Mac OS X, including Aqua, yet can be used with previous Macintosh OS versions from 7.0 and on.

The many new features include support for eleven different proxy servers, folder mirroring, integration with BBEdit, Graphic Converter and QuickTime, Keychain support, server-server transfers, contextual menus, Kerberos security, and a streamlined, updated user interface.

Fetch author Jim Matthews launched his new company, Fetch Softworks, in January after purchasing the license to Fetch’s source code and name from Dartmouth College where he first developed the application.

“When I created Fetch twelve years ago,” said Matthews, “I was hoping to meet Dartmouth‘s internal needs for file transfers. I couldn’t have imagined then the many ways in which Fetch would come to be used. This latest update is a major release, based on a huge amount of user feedback over the years. It looks great on Mac OS X.”

“With Mac OS X, users get an advanced operating system blending the power of Unix with the Mac’s simplicity and elegance,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “We’re delighted that this version of Fetch will continue to support previous Mac operating systems while tapping the capabilities of Mac OS X.”

For all its new features Fetch still retains its friendly pricing scheme. Single user licenses are available for only $25 and are still free for educational and charitable organizations. As a gesture of appreciation to those who honored Dartmouth’s past shareware arrangement, Fetch Softworks will offer a free upgrade to those who purchased single user licenses to version 3.0.3 from Dartmouth College after April 30, 2000. (See website for specifics.) Customers who purchased 3.0.3 from Fetch Softworks will also get a free upgrade.

To ease the purchase process, Fetch Softworks has turned to eSellerate’s e-commerce system. Users can download and run a free trial copy of the program from the Fetch Softworks website and securely purchase a license without leaving the application. The program can also be purchased from the web store or with a check or purchase order. The 3.0.3 version will remain available for purchase as well. Both versions of Fetch and information about other licensing options can be found at the Fetch Softworks website at

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