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Still More Reliability by Jim Matthews

In How Reliable Is Reliable Enough? I wrote about the steps we took to make Fetch 5.5 more reliable, in particular its support for automatically resuming failed or stalled uploads. In the time since we released Fetch 5.5 we’ve heard from numerous users who’ve been helped by this feature. It is especially useful when transferring a large collection of files in many folders, for example a large web software package (e.g. WordPress or SugarCRM). In a big transfer there are hundreds of opportunities for one small part of the operation to stall or fail due to a server hiccup or network glitch. In versions of Fetch before 5.5, that would bring the entire transfer to a halt. Then you would be stuck figuring out what you still had left to transfer, or you might toss what you'd done and start over, just to be safe.

Fetch 5.5’s automatic resume feature fixed that problem for most uploads, but we heard about a few cases where it could do better. We also heard from users facing similar problems with large downloads. So in Fetch 5.6 we improved the performance for uploads, and extended the automatic resume feature to cover downloads as well. It also covers mirror transfers in either direction, and folder delete commands. We think we've eliminated nearly all of the common situations where a temporary glitch can cause a large operation to fail.

Please give Fetch 5.6 a try with your most challenging transfers, and let us know how it goes!

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