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Upgrading to Fetch 5.8.3

Sure, you’re happy with the Fetch version you have now, but do you know what you’re missing? Fetch 5.8.3 has dozens of new features and bug fixes, and takes maximum advantage of the latest Mac OS X releases. Upgrading is easy and inexpensive — it might even be free!

Eligibility & Pricing

If you're a registered user of Fetch 5.5 or later, or you purchased a Fetch license after January 28, 2009, you qualify for a free upgrade. You can download Fetch 5.8.3 free of charge and your serial number will work with it.

If you purchased a Fetch license on or before January 28, 2009, you can upgrade to Fetch 5.8.3 for $10 using the form below. Discounts are available for multiple users.

Fetch Discount


If you're ordering Fetch upgrades for 10 or more users, discounted prices are:

  • 10–99 users: $8 per user
  • 100–999 user: $6 per user
  • 1,000 or more users: $4 per user

Users with an educational- or charitable-use license can download and use Fetch 5.8.3 free of charge.

If you're not sure whether you're eligible for free update to Fetch 5.8.3, simply use the form below and we'll tell you.

Upgrade Now

To determine whether your upgrade to Fetch 5.8.3 is free, please enter your serial number name and serial number. You can find them by choosing FetchAbout Fetch in your current version of Fetch.

Can’t find your serial number? Fill out the lost serial number form and we'll look in our records for it.