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The Enter Serial Number command lets you enter your serial number in order to license Fetch.

This command is available as:

  • The Enter Serial Number command in the Fetch menu

When you choose the Enter Serial Number command, a dialog appears with fields to enter your serial number name and serial number. You must enter both pieces of information to license Fetch.

You received these numbers in your license email or letter, or if you bought Fetch from the webstore, they were displayed when your purchase was completed. Your serial number should start with the letters "FETCH" and consist of 30 letters and numbers. Some methods of purchasing Fetch automatically enter your serial number for you.

See the Licensing Fetch help topic for information about purchasing and licensing Fetch.

The Enter Serial Number command is disabled if you've already entered a serial number. If for some reason you need to enter a serial number again, you can hold down the Option key when selecting the Fetch menu to allow you to choose the menu command again.