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About Fetch
Shows a window containing information about your copy of Fetch and quick ways to contact Fetch Softworks.
Check for Update
Checks to see if you're using the latest version of Fetch, and provides an easy way to download updates if you're not.
Purchase / Purchase Upgrade
Leads you through the purchasing process for a new version or upgrade of Fetch, and automatically enters your serial number after you've finished. Does not appear in the menu if you've already entered a serial number.
Enter Serial Number
Lets you enter the name and serial number you have received to license Fetch. Disabled if you've already entered your serial number.
Shows the Fetch preferences window.
The standard Mac OS X Services menu. Services are generally only available in text edit fields.
Hide Fetch
Hides Fetch and all its windows.
Hide Others
Hides all other applications and their windows.
Show All
Show (unhide) all hidden applications.
Quit Fetch
Quits Fetch. Any open connections will be closed, and any file transfers will be stopped (but you will be given an option to reconsider first).