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The Preferences allow you to change and control aspects of Fetch's behavior. The Fetch Preferences window is divided into several panes, each one containing preferences relating to a different area of Fetch. Click the tabs to switch among the panes.

Select a pane title below for information about the preferences in that pane.

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Preferences in the General Preferences pane let you modify general aspects of Fetch's behavior, such as notification, default shortcut, and server message options.
Preferences in the Download Preferences pane affect how and where Fetch downloads files.
Preferences in the Upload Preferences pane affect the format and names of files uploaded with Fetch.
The WebView Preferences pane lists the WebView entries you have created, and lets you add, delete, or edit them.
Preferences in the Proxy Preferences pane allow Fetch to work with your organization's proxy server or firewall.
Preferences in the Security Preferences pane control warnings and options for SFTP, FTP with TLS/SSL, and One-Time Password connections.
Preferences in the Miscellaneous Preferences pane include file list display options, character encoding, and duplicate connections.
Preferences in the Obscure Preferences pane cover unusual situations that most users will not encounter.