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The Check for Update command will check to see if you're using the newest version of Fetch, and provides an easy way to download updates if you're not.

This command is available as:

You must have an active Internet connection to use the Check for Update command.

The Check for Update command contacts the Fetch Softworks servers over the Internet, and compares the version you are using with the latest available version. If the latest version is newer than the version you are using, Fetch will display the Fetch Update dialog so you can get more information about the update, and download it and install it if you want.

In some cases, there may be two updates available for Fetch at the same time — a free update and an update that requires a purchase. When two updates are available, Fetch will show the Fetch Update (Two Updates) dialog instead.

If your have limited access to the Macintosh you are using, you may receive the message "You do not have permission to update Fetch" when you choose the Check for Update command. Only the administrator of the Macintosh can update Fetch.

Normally Fetch checks for updates and notifies you of them automatically, so you don't need to use the Check for Update command. But if you have disabled the automatic update check, or if you skipped over or delayed installing an update, you can use the manual Check for Update command to see if you're up to date.

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