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You can be sure you have the latest version of Fetch with the automatic check for update feature or the manual Check for Update command.

Normally Fetch periodically checks with Fetch Softworks' web server to see if a newer version of Fetch is available, so you don't have to think about doing it yourself. When Fetch detects that an update is available, it will display a dialog with information about the update and an option to download and install it.

No personal information is sent when checking for updates. See the Software Update Privacy help topic for more information.

You can disable the automatic checks by unchecking the Automatically check for updates preference in the Miscellaneous Preferences pane.

If you have disabled the automatic update checks, or if you skipped over or delayed installing an update, you can use the manual Check for Update command in the Fetch menu to see if you're up to date.

You can also download updates from the Fetch Softworks website.